Cecily P. – TekPartners Government Solutions (TPGS)

“Scott is an extremely talented Instructional System Design professional. I was fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of working with him while at TekPartners Government Solutions. Scott is the type of individual that goes above and beyond any task that is given to him. Without a doubt he is a valuable asset to any team or project.”

Christopher W.- CIA Former Deputy Chief of the Learning and Media Innovations Group

“These efforts are even more impressive this year given the continued organizational change faced by the division and the increasing focus on the technically and visually sophisticated products that resonate with today’s generation of intelligence officers. The products delivered by your personnel include…curriculum and design for professional skills certification programs; design and development of foundational management courses; and, for new hires, a “Wow factor” online presentation in the form of a graphic novel.”

Kimberly D. – CIA Chief of the  Learning and Media Innovations Group

“The work performed by these dedicated, talented, and hard-working professionals was invaluable to the success of our critical training and organizational improvement efforts during the past year. In fact, given the number of significant products delivered this year, it is impressive that the team was also able to engage in organizational improvements…”